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Mid Week Dishes

Cookery lessons mid week meals

Mid Week Dishes

Nowadays, more and more people feel they don’t have the time to prepare a home cooked meal. Dinners are rushed and often a pre-packaged meal or a takeaway end up being the evening dish of choice. My lessons will teach you how to prepare and cook delicious, quick and simple meals from scratch and you will be surprised at how simple and how little time it actually takes.

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Kind of Things You Will Cook
  • The good old staples such as Lasagne, Bolognaise, Chilli, Stroganoff etc. from scratch
  • Stir fries, risottos curries, casseroles, pies and stews
  • Different salads and side dishes
  • Quick puddings and deserts 
What You Will Learn
  • New recipes to add to your repertoire
  • Easy dishes that look spectacular
  • Quick meals for those evening when time is an issue
  • Healthly meals for all the family
What Laura McCormac said...

We've just enjoyed an epic kitchen evening being both instructed and entertained by the truly Scrumptious Julie! Her enduring patience won out and our crew of Can't/Won't Cooks can now produce (from scratch) that tasty classic 'Meat and Potato Pie', succulent fried chicken in breadcrumbs on a bed of sweet and spicy Katsu sauce, and an impressive tangy, crunchy lemon cheesecake topped with strawberries dipped in chocolate, wow! I have no excuses for buying any more chemically-fuelled ready meals. Learning and laughing at the same time was a truly uplifting experience, and a unique gift idea for family or friends you love to be with.


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Sign up for the Mid Week Meals lesson by 31st July 2015 and receive a 20% discount voucher for the next lesson you book. 

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