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Whether for a lunchtime or afternoon get together or evening of socialising


Canapés are the ultimate finger foods, a one bite of loveliness that is guaranteed to impress your guests. My canapé cookery lessons will teach you the shortcuts to producing these little gems with ease and I am sure you will even impress yourself!

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Kind of Things You Will Cook
  • Smoked salmon and caviar blinis
  • Mascarpone and chorizo toasts
  • Galloping horses
  • Dips and vegetable crudites
What You Will Learn
  • How to choose the right canapes for your guests
  • How to source the different types of ingredients often required for canapes
  • How to prepare for quick assembly when needed
  •  Learn the shortcuts and tips to make canape making easy
What Karen said...

Fantastic canapes, you really do know how to make fancy food! I would love to book a cookery lesson with you soon?