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Welcome to my new website

Welcome to my new website

Thursday, April 13, 2017 Mark Bellew Comments (0)

This is a sample blog post to get you started. I've a couple so that you can see them listed on the home page and in the footer and I've added some with an blog image and some without. You can choose whether to include an image. The blog post list page displays the first 300 characters of your post content and the list will be displayed in date order, newest first. 

Adding a new post is easy, with these instructions...

  • Log into Admin
  • In the left-hand menu, click Modules then Blogs and the list of blog posts will be displayed
  • Click Add Post to add a new blog post and the Blog Post Editor will open
  • Give your post a Post Name (this will be the title displayed on the post page and post lists) - note the Post url using this name to auto generate the page url
  • Click SEO metadata and set the Post Title and Post Description for the post (this is how the post will appear on search engine results pages)
  • Enter your content into the Post Content editor window (See below) about using the toolbar)
  • Either leave the Release Date as is, or set it to a futuer date if you want to post date it
  • Ignore Categories, we're not using those for you blog 
  • Add Tags by ticking existing ones oe by typing new ones into the Tags field
  • You only have one blog set up, so leave Blog field as is
  • Ensure the Author name is you (select from the dropdown)
  • Choose whether to allow people to leave comments on you post by ticking or un-ticking the Enable Comments option 
  • When done, click Publish and check your post on the site (if you post dated, the post will not display -  to click Preview at the bottom of the page) 

Use the tools in the toolbar to add elements to you post or to format your content. For example, you can add images by clicking the Image icon, or a hyperlink by clicking the link icon. Any you can add bullet lists embolden text. I'd avoid changing fonts and font sizes, however, let the website styling take care of that otherwise you'll end up with different text formatting across your blog posts. 

You can add images into your posts, but please note, the main post image is managed differently, this is because we want the main image to appear in the post list and the actual post. You can choose whether to have a main post image or not, but if you do, please follow these instructions and it will be easy display the image...

  • Add your post in the usual way (see instructions above)
  • When in the editor, click the Image icon and the Insert Image dialogue is opened
  • Important (you image won't display unless you do this): Choose the folder called /_assets/img/blog-posts from the Locations dropdown
  • Choose whether to use an image already on your website, or from you Computer
  • If you choose From My Computer, you can choose to upload an image
  • If you choose From Site, you will need to ensure the image is in the /assets/img/blog-posts folder beforehand
  • For the main blog post images, do not use From External URL
  • Important (you image won't display unless you do this): Give the image the same name as the Post Name and it needs to be a jpg format. For example, if the Post is called 'Welcome To My New Website', the image should be called 'Welcome To My New Website.jpg'. 
  • You don't need to Insert the image into the page, it just needs to exist in the /assets/img/blog-posts folder and have the same name as the Post Name and be the jpg format. Simply close out of the Insert Image dialogue window and check you image displays on the live post.

Similarly, you can edit an existing post by Clicking Edit from the Admin Blog Posts list.Make your edits then click update.

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