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There's no G in my G&T, thanks!

There's no G in my G&T, thanks!

Thursday, January 05, 2017 Julie Sakkas Comments (0)

If you've been reading my emails and following me on Facebook for a while, then you'll remember reading my 'Back to Basics' series where I vowed to shift unwanted weight that I was reluctantly carrying around in 7 days. Just in case you missed them and you wanted to catch up, click this link.

'Why are you mentioning this again, Jules?' I hear you ask, well, I'm taking part in Dry January as I felt that having a little tipple often lead to more, and this got me sidetracked.

Oh, and of course, we all overindulged a little over the Christmas period too, didn't we? The comfort I find during January is knowing that I can set myself goals, stay focused and achieve them. I know that giving my liver a little vacation will help me stay focused and mindful of what I put in my body.

I'll drop in with you again to let you know how the rest of my Dry January goes, and any changes I notice, but right now; I am motivated and expectant for what's in store!

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