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Finding a clean, wholemeal bread recipe

Finding a clean, wholemeal bread recipe

Monday, February 08, 2016 Julie Sakkas Comments (0)


Finding a Clean Wholemeal Bread Recipe

Giving up sugar is not an easy process for most and one of the most common questions I get asked is “what type of bread can I eat?”

I usually offer my seeded loaf recipe which is truly delicious, but it is a bit long winded to make, can be expensive, and sometimes it’s tricky to get all the ingredients in the general supermarket. So……I’ve decided to try and find a wholemeal bread recipe to try out myself first, and then share.

Finding a suitable sugar free recipe was not as easy as it sounds. Most recipes, even the ones that said they were ‘sugar free’ contained honey or maple syrup, and of cause, these ingredients are not acceptable on a sugar free program as they spike the blood sugar in the same way that sugar does. This is very misleading for some and confuses the whole sugar free concept!!

Like most people, bread is part of my daily diet and I understand that whole grains are essential to maintaining my health. Therefore, by making my own wholemeal bread, I can be absolutely sure of what’s going in it. NO sugar, NO emulsifiers, NO hydrogenated fats, NO preservatives and NO other nasties.

Most shop bought loaves are not so healthy and are packed full of the above undesirables. Therefore, I will be thrilled to find an easy to make, clean, wholemeal bread I can offer as part of my sugar free plan.

People trying to cut sugar out of their diets do struggle at first with what to eat at breakfast or lunch if bread is not on the menu. Therefore, it is fundamental to sugar free success that I find a recipe that works and is dead tasty for me to share with you.

The recipe I have found, and will be baking tomorrow in my new bread maker is the following:


1 teaspoon Easy Bake/Fast Action Yeast suitable for bread makers 

500 grams Strong Wholemeal Bread Flour 

1 teaspoon Sea Salt 

15 grams Organic Unsalted Butter 

380 ml Water 


1.Place all of the ingredients into the bread maker in the order stated above. (or whatever order your bread maker suggests).

2.Turn the bread maker on to a 100% wholemeal setting - mine takes 5 hours.

3.After 5 hours (or when your bread is finished) take the bread out and allow it to cool before serving or storing.


Recipe link:

So, tomorrow I will share some photos of this bread on Facebook and tell you how it tastes and whether it was a success…..or not!!

Bye for now, Jules 











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